Saturday, September 4, 2021

New Arrivals: Eaglemoss DC Comics Collection

A while back I came across some pictures of the Eaglemoss DC Comics collection. The Alex Ross artwork on their spines looked amazing and I immediately developed some serious shelf envy. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never get my hands on a collection of my own since they were sold as part of a subscription service and unfortunately I had missed that bus a long time ago. And then fate intervened...

As luck would have it an old classmate of mine had to get rid of his collection as soon as possible. I jumped at the chance, and after some logistical struggles I finally got my grubby little hands on the precious beauties. Well, 69 of them at least. Luckily the spine artwork I fell in love with is part of the editions I managed to obtain. Now I can bask in their beauty whenever I want to.

Eaglemoss DC Comic Graphic Novel Collection Spine Art

Isn't that just the best looking shelf ever? Over half of the books haven't even been read yet and are are in almost pristine condition still sealed in their original packaging. The entire pantheon of DC characters are covered and since I'm relatively new to comics I haven't read any of these stories before.

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 1 - 9

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 10 - 19

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 20 - 29

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 30 - 39

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 40 - 49

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 50 - 59

Eaglemoss DC Comic Collection Vol 60 - 69

Comics, comics everywhere! I've always been meaning to get more into comics and now I don't have any excuse not to...

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