Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another 24 hours of great deals on books

24h offer. up to 80% off. Great Discounts at The book Depository

I'm taking a quick break from Diablo land to remind you guys of the 24 hours sale The Book Depository is having tomorrow, 20th of June from 12:00 (noon, GMT+1). As in the past they will have a selection of 24 books with a new offer going on sale every hour. Quantities are limited and tend to sell out fast.

In the past they had some great and some not-so-great deals (that's unless you love cupcakes of course!). Half the fun is seeing what's on offer, especially those that come up in the early hours of the morning.

So, set your alarm clocks; prepare a flask of coffee and get settled in.

I'm hoping they include some great science fiction and fantasy books this time round. My TBR-pile is already at skyscraper height, but a few books more can't do any harm...