I'm a South African based blogger and self-confessed book addict. My main passion is science fiction, but I also enjoy reading fantasy, horror and thrillers.

I review books for fun. I do not accept any payment for my reviews. The opinions I express on this blog are my own and I will never give anything but my honest opinion.

I will gladly review books submitted to me, provided that they meet the criteria set out in my review policy. I'm happy to work with both large publishers and small presses.

Unfortunately due to my huge backlog I'm no longer accepting requests for any self-published works.

Once Mount TBR is brought back down to manageable levels I should be able to start accepting self-pubbed requests again.

If you want to submit a review request please email me at crusaderofchaos[at]

Please note:
At the moment I have an overwhelming amount of titles waiting to be reviewed. Your review request will be filed and, if I think your book would be a good fit for the blog, I'll get back to you once a spot opens up. Unfortunately I'm not able to reply to all requests, but rest assured that I do read each one.