Wednesday, June 1, 2022

X-Wing Assembled!

I've always wanted to try my hand at building some model kits. Aside from some Star Wars papercraft this was something I've never ever tried before. Not even as a kid (well at least not that I can remember). As luck would have it I managed to pick up a Revell Star Wars Advent Calendar X-Wing Fighter model kit for a great price in March. It was my birthday month so I decided to spoil myself.

 Little did I know what I was letting me in for. There were so many pieces. So, so many.

And then I made the worst decision in my life. Deciding to do the optional painting. I had to teach myself how to work with acrylic paint and the learning curve was quite steep. Painting all the pieces with an unsteady hand took lots of coats. I think the main fuselage took at least 5 coats. Which took about a week to complete.

Then it came time to assemble everything. Here I struggled quite a bit. The pilot didn't quite fit into the cockpit and getting the chair to fit required some filing. In the end I manged to get it done, but it really shouldn't have been that hard.

The final product looked almost good enough...

 And then came to final touch - weathering. I think I went a bit overboard, but I quite like the result.

Was it frustrating to put together? Yes. Did I have fun? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yes! I'm now the proud owner of a X-Wing starfighter assembled by my very own hands... even if it took me a week.