Monday, October 7, 2019

New Arrivals: A Package Full of Awesome!

Last week was a truly hectic week at work. Half of the staff were on sick leave, month-end returns needed to be in and on top of that even more work seemed to arrive on an hourly basis for URGENT attention. Just when I was at my lowest point, ready to give up and go sulk somewhere this awesome package from the wonderful folks at Jonathan Ball Publishers arrived.

Picture of Wanderers, The Institute and Kingdom of Souls

To say that my day was made would be a gross understatement. My energy levels immediately went up and I couldn't stop smiling for the entire day. It had two of my most anticipated books, Wanderers by Chuck Wendig (the hardcover is simply beautiful to behold) and The Institute by Stephen King. I'm not even sure which one to read first. Who am I kidding? It's going to be the King. It must be the King.

There is absolutely nothing better than receiving a package full of books. Nothing! Especially when it's an awesome selection like this. A huge thank you to Charlene and the team from Jonathan Ball Publishers, you made my entire week and saved me from total despair!