Sunday, February 3, 2019

New Arrivals: A Comic Book Haul

It seems 2019 is destined to be the year of comics for me. Being new to the comic world there are so many awesome comic series I want to try out. So many! I've also discovered that I have penchant for omnibus and deluxe editions which will turn into another expensive hobby. Comics/graphic novels in South Africa are NOT cheap. I'm going to be forever broke...

It all started with the Super Sons Omnibus. I've been waiting ages for this to be released and it finally did (the day before Christmas!). Local pricing seemed to fluctuate wildly, so after comparing prices and even with shipping fees included Amazon was the cheapest option. I couldn't order just one item, so I also added Descender Book One and the DC Essential Edison of Batman: The Court of Owls.

This was also going to be a test to see how importing books from Amazon would work and how long the process would take. Roughly two and a half weeks, and lots of unnecessary stress, later these beauties arrived. I've discovered new comic books smell even better than normal books...

Super Sons Omnibus by Peter J Tomasi

Batman The Court of Owls Saga trade

Descender by Jeff Lemire Book One

I'm glad to report that they arrived unscathed, except for a small ding on the trade paperback, and much faster than I expected. I think I might live to regret this discovery. I've always avoided Amazon due to the fact that the last time I used them the book took 2 months to get here. Granted that was in 2008 and it seems that a lot has changed since then. Beware my poor, poor budget!

I also picked up the deluxe edition of Kingdom Come from a local retailer. I adore the painted artwork by Alex Ross. Isn't that cover amazing?

Kingdom Come by Mark Waid

I've already set my eyes on the next omnibus I want to buy. Someone please stop me!