Review policy

I prefer to review print copies of books whenever possible. I am also able to review EPUB formatted ebooks by special arrangement. Print copies will be given precedence due to the cost involved in getting them to me.

I review books in the following genres:
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Thrillers
Required information:

When submitting a review request please include the following information:
  • Title of the book(s).
  • Author name.
  • A brief synopsis of the book.
  • A link where I can find more information about the book/author.
  • An excerpt of the book (at least one chapter)
Once I’ve accepted a review request I will try to post a review within a reasonable time frame.  This will depend on the amount of books I have waiting for review and the length of the book submitted. Reviews of ARCs will be posted as close to their release dates as possible.

Due to the number of review requests I receive I cannot guarantee that I will be able to reply to all emails. If I do not get back to you within 14 days it might mean that all my review slots are currently filled. I’ll get back in touch when new slots open up.

A note on ratings:
I handle ratings somewhat differently on the blog and reserve high ratings for those truly exceptional novels that completely blew me away in every possible way.

My rating system works as follows:
  • 10 - Perfection
  • 9 - Excellent
  • 8 - Great
  • 7 - Very Good
  • 6 - Good
  • 5 - Average