Thursday, December 31, 2020

How to support the blog

Over the past year I've been contemplating moving away from affiliate links which barely work and finding ways for people to directly support the blog. Worlds in Ink is, and will remain, a passion project, but it takes a lot of time, effort and money to keep going. Books aren't cheap. While I am very privileged to work with some great publishers there are still titles which fall by the wayside due to budgetary constraints. And any show of appreciation, no matter how small, is always a great motivation to continue on.

I don't want to generate income from the blog. Starting a Patreon or asking for Paypal donations is not a viable option as those come with a boatload of tax implications. Ideally I want the blog to magically convert whatever revenue comes in into more books to read and review on the blog,

I've looked into creating an Amazon wishlist with titles I'm interested in for supporters to purchase should they be so inclined, but that comes with multiple issues. Since I live in South Africa you can only get 4 international parcels per year before you have to register as an importer and you are only allowed to receive 2 gifts which are exempt from custom duties. This means only big ticket items would be worth the effort and I wouldn't expect that amount of generosity from anyone.

No, problem I thought. I'll add only digital items and avoid that whole mess. This time Amazon threw a spanner in the works. You can only gift Kindle books to people living in the US. *Cue sad music and crying in the rain*

So that reallyleaves me with only one option. Gift cards - the electronic kind! Amazon or Kobo gift cards will allow me to purchase ebooks which a) work in my region and b) I can actually have access to. I own a Kobo ereader, but can easily read Kindle books on my tablet and might look into getting a Kindle in the future as well.

If you want to show your appreciation for what I do here on the blog you can purchase an eGift card from either Kobo or Amazon for any amount and have it emailed to crusaderofchaos[at]

Any support would be greatly appreciated! I know things are tough out there so nobody should feel obliged in any way, this is totally voluntary and I will continue shouting into the void regardless.

And if there are any millionaires out there I might be in the market for a new Kindle *hint, hint*.

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  1. Man, I'm loving that background you got on this website. Keep reading and writing from S.D. and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀