Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Quick Update

Despite what some people might think I have not been abducted by aliens or sucked beyond the event horizon of a black hole. Although, given the circumstances one of those might not have been too bad (the alien abduction one provided that they were friendly and probe-averse).

I had a whole reading holiday planned where I could finally have enough time to make a small dent in Mount TBR and get to all the books I've been dying to read. Unfortunately COVID had other plans. Two days before my leave was supposed to start I got dizzy at work. I thought it was a drop in blood sugar levels. The next day I felt pretty good, but I had developed a slight scratchiness in my throat resulting in an occasional cough. I powered through the day and then I was officially on leave.

Over the weekend I felt tired and had a slight fever so stayed in bed. On Monday I was informed that a colleague had tested positive for COVID and on Tuesday I went to get tested too. The test was painless and quick. Unlike my expectation of them ramming it down as far as it could go the swab was barely a tickle and the worst thing was the desire to sneeze. There seemed to be a huge upswing in cases in my town with loads of other people also getting tested on the same day. 

My results took two days to get back. Turns out I was COVID positive. By that time I was already pretty sure of the outcome as I had lost my sense of smell so the result wasn't much of a surprise. I'm extremely lucky that I had the mildest of symptoms - a slight fever, some coughing whenever I got out of bed and extreme tiredness. The tiredness is something on another level. You can't adequately explain it to someone else. You just don't have any energy to do anything. Even lifting up a book seems to be too much of an effort and the most basic of tasks completely wipes you out.

For two weeks I was completely out of commission just staying in bed and watching the occasional YouTube video when I wasn't napping. Today is the first day I felt up to getting up to try to do something productive. I'm still tired, but I think I'm over the worst of it now. I might even be able to pick up a book soon...

Mask up, stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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