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Review: The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase

Title: The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase
Author: Greg Cox
Pages: 281
ISBN: 9780765384140
Series: The Librarians #2
Publisher: Tor
Published: 25 April 2017
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Review copy from publisher

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Stories have power.

In 1719, Elizabeth Goose published a collection of rhyming spells as a children's book, creating a spellbook of terrifying power. The Librarian of that age managed to dispose of all copies of the book except one, which remained in the possession of Elizabeth Goose and her family, temporarily averting any potential disaster.

Now, strange things are happening around the world. A tree-trimmer in Florida is blown off his elevated perch by a freak gust of wind, a woman in rural Pennsylvania is attacked by mutant rodents without any eyes, and a college professor in England finds herself trapped inside a prize pumpkin at a local farmer’s market. Baird and her team of Librarians suspect that the magic of Mother Goose is again loose in the world, and with Flynn AWOL—again—it is up to Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone to track down the missing spellbook before the true power of the rhymes can be unleashed.

The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase is another fantastically fun and entertaining addition to the series. This time around our intrepid team of Librarians are tasked with saving not only the world, but the entirety of creation from the clutches of Mother Goose of all things. Those innocent childhood rhymes we all learned as kids turn out to be not so innocent after all.

As with the first instalment Greg Cox continues to capture the tone and feel of the TV series perfectly. All the humour, snark and witty banter that makes the show so much fun can be found in bucketloads. The novel reads just like an episode of the show so fans will feel right at home.

Aside from Flynn, who is conspicuously absent for most of the story, all the Librarians get their time to shine as they use their own unique skill sets to do what they do best - save the world! The twist at the end was rather unexpected, but brought things full circle in a very satisfying way.

If you are a fan of the TV show then The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase is the perfect fix to tide you over until the new season starts.

The Verdict:
The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase is a wonderful, whimsical flight of fancy. If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced adventure that will put a smile on your face then look no further. A must for fans of the TV show!

The Rating: 7/10

Thanks to Diana Griffin from Tor for providing the review copy.

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