Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bookburners Season 3

Now that Winter has finally come it's time for the start of another great series. Yes, Game of Thrones was awesome, but I'm talking about Season 3 of Bookburners which starts today. Sal and her team are back and this time the threats they face are greater than ever.

The first episode, Bubbles of Earth, releases on 19 July with weekly installments thereafter. Each episode is available in both text and audio form. Perfect for your daily commute or a quick lunchtime escape from reality. You can purchase episodes separately or buy a season pass for access to the entire series.

The world as we know it is under siege. The Bookburners are stretched thin trying to control an influx of magic—and they don’t have much support from the Vatican. Can they overcome their history and band together to protect humanity from an increasing magical threat? Or will it destroy them, like it has destroyed everything else in its path?

Things have changed for the Vatican’s magic-fighting Team Three: their forces are depleted, and internal rifts are coming close to tearing this close-knit group apart. But some things never change. Magic still threatens to overwhelm our world, and when a startling appearance from MenchĂș’s past reveals new dimensions to this danger, the team will have to reassess their loyalties—to their jobs, their beliefs, and even to each other.

If that sounds like your thing, be sure to head over to and prepare to experience a new way of storytelling!
To celebrate the release of Season 3 you can still grab the entire first season for just $2.99. But time is running out. The offer ends today!

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