Friday, January 1, 2016

Bookish Goals for 2016

As 2016 looms before us all shiny and new it is time to set some bookish goals for the year. You'll notice that I don't call them resolutions since I normally don't stick to resolutions. Goals, now goals I can work with! (The wonder of semantics.)

For this year I'm keeping it simple:
  • Read more: During 2015 I really struggled to make time for reading. It was partly due to having to adjust to a new full-time job, partly due to a huge reading slump during the start of the year, but also due to a lack of motivation. Most days I came home from work and just couldn't be bothered to pick up a book. This is something I really want to fix in 2016. I'm not quite sure how, but I'll find a way.
  • Read 25 books: This goes hand in hand with my goal to read more. I'm keeping the same Goodreads goal as last year. I struggled to complete it in 2015 and whilst I'm sure I can do way better this year, I'm not going to pressure myself into reaching some higher arbitrary number. Anything above 25 will be a huge bonus.
  • Blog more: Due to my new job I also ended up severely neglecting the blog. I've never been the most prolific blogger, but my posts the past year have been more sporadic than usual. I really want to post more content in 2016. I think it's time I start up the 'Opening Lines' series again and maybe I should start doing some quick reviews/wrap-ups for books I read without wanting the pressure of having to review them.
  • Tame the book invasion: My books seem to be breeding and have devolved into a disorganised mess with piles of books everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Now, I'm a firm believer in organised chaos, but I really need to do something before their combined gravity collapses into a singularity. It's time I put my new bookshelves (one yet to be assembled) to good use.
  • Read more short fiction: Last, but not least I want to focus on reading more short fiction. I loved the novellas I read in 2015 and I really need to focus on reading more short fiction. I think short story anthologies should be the perfect thing for that hour or so before bed.

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