Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snodgrass coming to Sky

This one might be of interest to folks in the UK. An adaptation of Ian R. MacLeod's novella Snodgrass will air on Sky Arts today as part of their Playhouse series.

Snodgrass is an alternate-history retelling of John Lennon's life. A 50 year old John Lennon (played by Ian Hart) sits in a dingy kitchen, smoking a roll up, unemployed and on his uppers. This is the John Lennon who walked out on the Beatles in 1962, before the hits, before they changed music for ever. A hilarious comedy drama which also stars Kevin Doyle and Eric McNichol.

To coincide with the broadcast Open Road Media are publishing an anthology of Ian R. Macleod's short stories titled Snodgrass and Other Illusions.

With “Snodgrass” as its anchor, this collection of eleven stories also includes “The Chop Girl,” inspired by the infamous Dresden bombing raids; “Past Magic,” a futuristic account of parents cloning their children who have passed away; “New Light on the Drake Equation,” inspired by a man’s journey as he searches for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence; and seven more tales that showcase MacLeod’s breadth as a writer.

The ebook should be available from all good ebook retailers.

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