Monday, November 19, 2012

New Arrivals

It's been ages since I did one of these, but that's an unintended result of cutting back on book purchases. I must say I'm weirdly proud of myself for lasting this long. I think I've only bought about half the number of books I did last year. A small triumph in that eternal battle against the TBR-pile.

Books Bought

My pre-order of The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks finally arrived. I loved The Black Prism, so I'm really looking forward to delving into the second installment in the series.

I also managed to set foot in an actual brick-and-mortar bookshop, which was quite an experience for a geographically disadvantaged lad like me. My closest bookshop is almost 260 kilometers away so I have to depend on online purchases for all my bookish needs. I couldn't leave without at least buying a couple of books so I got October Skies by Alex Scarrow and The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

If the shop was better organised and I had a bit more time I would've left with loads more, but I guess I'll have to count it as blessing that I was pressed for time and that finding anything appealing was a bit of a chore.

For Review

The awesome folks at Jonathan Ball Publishers sent me The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King, Trinity Rising by Elspeth Cooper and City of Dragons by Robin Hobb to review.

I'll first have to get the earlier novels in the Rain Wild Chronicles and The Wild Hunt series before I can get to these, but I'm definitely putting The Wind Through the Keyhole next on my reading list. Thanks Andrea!

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