Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Arrivals

I love buying from Better World Books. Their bargain bin is the bane of my book buying bans. I simply can't resist picking up hardback copies at their amazing prices. I think almost 90% of all my hardbacks are copies I bought from Better World Books. Best of all a large percentage of the profits they make go to fund literacy projects and recently they've also become a Book for Book company. Each time you buy a book they'll donate a book to a worthy cause - a great rationalization for buying even MORE books from them!

This time round I only got four hardcovers from them. It would have been more, but one of my Twitter friends had a book buying intervention for me and talked me down to getting just a couple of books. (Lesson learned: don't announce your book buying intentions on Twitter!).

I got:
Matter by Iain M. Banks
Eater by Gregory Benford
Jupiter by Ben Bova
The January Dancer by Micheal Flynn

The January Dancer is a replacement copy I ordered. The first copy I received had some stains on the first few pages. Since BWB has a 100% money back guarantee they refunded me (at the time they didn't have a replacement copy available) without any hassles. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with in the event of problems  When I was busy browsing their Bargain Bin I saw they had gotten another copy in so I ordered it with the refund I received.

I got a copy of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot from my local library. I noticed they had a copy that hasn't being checked out in ages (except by me) and asked if they would be willing to sell it. The librarian said they don't sell any of the circulation books, but she checked and the copy they had was a donation they had received so she actually gave it to me. I've got a sentimental attachment to the book and since you can't find any copies of the hardback edition anymore I was ecstatic. It didn't feel right to get something for nothing so I donated an extra copy of Ben Bova's Powersat I had to them.  

I also received a paperback copy of Towers of Midnight I pre-ordered from The Book Depository at the start of the year. I actually forgot about it, so it was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately it arrived after my "photo shoot", so there's no picture.

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