Thursday, June 30, 2011

More great books

This morning I experienced a level of excitement comparable to that of thousands of teenaged girls screaming their little lungs out at a Justin Bieber concert. Of course, in my case it was a masculine mental squeal of glee, but you get the idea. The cause? A package from Pan Macmillan SA filled with absolute awesomeness!

I received a review copy of China MiƩville's latest novel, Embassytown. If that isn't enough to make you drool with envy, I also got an ARC of Neal Asher's The Departure. Yes, that's the new Asher novel (the first in the Owner series) which will only be available in September.

Not even a platoon of Jain sequestered golems* will be able to pry these copies from my hands. Now for the toughest decision ever - which one to read first?

Thanks Pan Macmillan, once again you guys have made my day!

* If you don't get the reference you should definitely read Neal Asher's Cormac series!

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