Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colossal Book Haul

I'm hopelessly addicted to books. A couple of months ago I decided to cut back on book purchases. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn't help myself. One of my coping mechanisms was to stop buying new books and "rescue" second hand books. Heck, if they are second hand they can hardly count as new book purchases right?

Rationalise as I might, I failed completely in cutting back on book purchases. As a matter of fact I actually increased the number of books I bought! In just under two months I bought a total of thirty one books (8 new and 23 second hand).

Rather than fight my addiction I've decided to embrace it. So, with gleeful joy I present to you the newest additions to my hoard.

Rescued books (second hand purchases)

The Light of Other Days by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Powersat by Ben Bova
Moonrise by Ben Bova
The Fall Revolution by Ken MacLeod
The Cassini Division by Ken MacLeod
Newton's Wake by Ken MacLeod
Coyote by Allen Steele
Axis by Robert Charles Wilson
Geodesica Ascent by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
Geodesica Descent by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
Down the Bright Way by Robert Reed
Tides of LIght by Gregory Benford
Furious Gulf by Gregory Benford
Great Sky River by Gregory Benford
Across the Sea of Suns by Gregory Benford
The Martian Race by Gregory Benford

A Traveler's Guide to Mars by William K Hartman
Constellation Guidebook by Antonín Rükl
Seeing in the Dark by Timothy Ferris
Death from the Skies by Phil Plait

New books purchased from The Book Depository

Most of the books I received were pre-orders I placed at the start of the year. I only bought four books on impulse, which actually shows extreme restraint on my part.

Mars by Ben Bova
Return to Mars by Ben Bova
Evolution by Stephen Baxter
Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds
Deadline by Mira Grant
The Legend of Drizzt Collectors Edition IV by R.A. Salvatore
The Noise Within by Ian Whates
The Noise Revealed by Ian Whates


  1. Oh wow that is a great haul! Now stop buying lol

  2. Oh, I suffer from the very same affliction! Apart from the odd few books I receive from a publisher or author, there are stacks to purchase. I'm arguably Take2's best customer! I enjoyed the pictures futher down in your blog about your new bookshelves. It's time I do the same :)

    I wish it was as easy as "Now stop buying" LOL