Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Out of the Darkness Kickstarter

Independent UK publisher, Unsung Stories, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Out of the Darkness, an anthology of dark fantasy and horror fiction which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and mental wellbeing. Not only does the anthology offer a stunning lineup of authors, but all royalties and fees from the collection will be donated to the mental health charity Together for Mental Wellbeing.

Out of the Darkness, in collaboration with Together for Mental Wellbeing, challenges some of the most exciting voices in horror and dark fantasy to bring their worst fears out into the light. From the black dog of depression to acute anxiety and schizophrenia, these stories prove what fans of horror fiction have long known – that we must understand our demons to overcome them.

Edited by Dan Coxon (This Dreaming Isle) and featuring exclusive stories by Alison Moore, Jenn Ashworth, Tim Major and Aliya Whiteley, this collection harnesses the power of fiction to explore and explain the darkest moments in our lives. Horror isn’t just about the chills – it’s also about the healing that comes after.

Table of contents
  • Nocturia – Nicholas Royle
  • The Note – Jenn Ashworth
  • Lonely Souls in Quiet Houses – Laura Mauro
  • Seabound – Alison Moore
  • Goodbye, Jonathan Tumbledown – Tim Major
  • The Chorus – Aliya Whiteley
  • The Forlorn Hope – Verity Holloway
  • Oblio – Richard V. Hirst
  • Still She Visits – Eugen Bacon
  • Bloodybones Jones – Sam Thompson
  • The Lightness of their Hearts – Georgina Bruce
  • The Residential – Gary Budden
  • Replacement Bus Service – Ashley Stokes
  • Temple – Anna Vaught
  • The Hungry Dark – Simon Bestwick

You can pledge your support for this very worthwhile project at the Out of the Darkness Kickstarter page. What better way is there to spread good in the world than through the magic of story?

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