Monday, January 11, 2021

Cover Reveal: Light Chaser has revealed the cover for Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell. With the combined talents of two of my favourite science fiction authors this will definitely be one to look out for. The cover art by Ben Zweifel is stunning. I can't wait!

Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell
Release date 2021-08-24 / ISBN 9781250769824

Amahle is a Light Chaser – one of a number of explorers who travel the universe alone (except for their onboard AI), trading trinkets for life stories.

When listening to the stories sent down through the ages she hears the same voice talking directly to her from different times and on different worlds. She comes to understand that something terrible is happening, and only she is in a position to do anything about it.

And it will cost everything to put it right.

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