Monday, March 13, 2017

New Arrivals: A Small Haul

While technically still part of my February book buying binge these only arrived earlier this month. Most of the books are part of different series I'm busy collecting.

I finally have all the books in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, although these newer editions don't quite match the first four I own and I'm not very fond of the "Soon to be a major picture" bit on the covers. I also picked up Neal Asher's War Factory. The original plan was to give it a quick re-read before Infinity War goes on sale, but the timing didn't quite work out.

Mark Lawrence's Prince of Fools was on sale so I had to pick it up. Not quite sure what it's about, but I'll find out. Eventually.

And lastly there's The Lazarus War: Origins by Jamie Sawyer. I really enjoyed the first book in the series and had to pick up the second and third book. Unfortunately I ended up ordering the US edition of Origins by mistake which came in the weirdest format I've ever seen. It's the width of a MMPB, but much higher; some weird B-format/MMPB hybrid that doesn't quite fit into either category. At least the content is still the same!

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