Wednesday, December 28, 2016

On My Radar: Galactic Empires

Next month Night Shade Books releases Galactic Empires an anthology of science fiction stories edited by Neil Clarke. With a line-up of authors featuring both accomplished veterans and the rising talents of the genre this is one anthology that you definitely won't want to miss out on.

GALACTIC EMPIRES edited by Neil Clarke
ISBN: 978-1-59780-884-2
Release Date: 17 January 2017
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Neil Clarke, publisher of the award-winning Clarkesworld magazine, presents Galactic Empires a collection of thought-provoking and galaxy-spanning short science fiction.

From E. E. “Doc” Smith’s Lensman, to George Lucas’s Star Wars, the politics and process of Empire have been a major subject of science fiction’s galaxy-spanning fictions. The idiom of the Galactic Empire allows science fiction writers to ask (and answer) questions that are shorn of contemporary political ideologies and allegiances. Here then is a diverse collection of stories that asks the questions that science fiction asks best. Empire: How? Why? And to what effect?

Contributors include: Neal Asher, Ann Leckie, Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, and many more!

Table of Contents:
  • “Winning Peace” by Paul J. McAuley
  • “Night’s Slow Poison” by Ann Leckie
  • “All the Painted Stars” by Gwendolyn Clare
  • “Firstborn” by Brandon Sanderson
  • “Riding the Crocodile” by Greg Egan
  • “The Lost Princess Man” by John Barnes
  • “The Waiting Stars” by Aliette de Bodard
  • “Alien Archeology” by Neal Asher
  • “The Muse of Empires Lost” by Paul Berger
  • “Ghostweight” by Yoon Ha Lee
  • “A Cold Heart” by Tobias S. Buckell
  • “The Colonel Returns to the Stars” by Robert Silverberg
  • “The Impossibles” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • “Utriusque Cosmi” by Robert Charles Wilson
  • “Section Seven” by John G. Hemry
  • “The Invisible Empire of Ascending Light” by Ken Scholes
  • “The Man with the Golden Balloon” by Robert Reed
  • “Looking Through Lace” by Ruth Nestvold
  • “A Letter from the Emperor” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “The Wayfarer’s Advice” by Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • “Seven Years from Home” by Naomi Novik
  • “Verthandi’s Ring” by Ian McDonald

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