Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sci-Fi November 2014

It’s November again and that means only one thing – it’s time for Sci-Fi November! During November bloggers around the globe will celebrate all things science fiction and of course I’m joining in on the fun. You can find out more about the event and a full list of participants over here.

Unfortunately this year Sci-Fi November coincides with the worst reading slump I’ve had in ages, erratic and extremely slow internet access (we are talking speeds slower than dial-up) and the wonderful prospect of rolling blackouts (tastefully termed ‘load shedding’ over here – basically the power could get switched off for about 3 hours or more a day). Conditions are hardly ideal.

So what’s the plan? I’m not much for reading or blogging according to a schedule, so I’ll just have to see what lies behind the event horizon and make things up as I go along. Hopefully no solar systems will be harmed in the process.

One thing that’s definitely happening is the second annual science fiction blind book date. It’s going to be even more devious than last year. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog later this week. I’ll also continue with my Opening Lines series and might even get a couple of reviews done.

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure and hopefully Sci-Fi November will be enough incentive to get me out of this abysmal reading slump. Let’s boldly go to the stars and beyond, to worlds unknown and explore the edge of possibility!


  1. Hi KJ. 'Load shedding' - wow, that sounds lousy. I hope Sci-Fi Month helps you get out of your slump!

  2. Boo for slumps and brown-outs. Boo!!

    but YAY for Sci Fi Book Blind Date!! :D

    1. Yes, that's the awesome light at the end of the tunnel. Can't wait to see if I can unravel the clues, although I won't torture myself like I did last year.