Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Arrivals: The Newish Edition

For some  reason I've been extremely remiss in keeping up with all my new bookish arrivals. The stacks keep multiplying like tribbles on a rampage or gremlins in a torrential downpour. Regular readers will know that I'm trying to cut back on my book buying and I've been largely successful with that. To a degree...

Don't panic. I haven't regressed to my dark "buy it in bulk" days. The books featured below actually cover a period of 6 months. Yes, I'm that far behind. I blame Twitter for giving me a false sense of keeping up to date. Tweeting hasty phone snapshots after ripping packages open to reveal the glorious bookish treasures inside evidently does not a blog post make.

So here are my new and not so new arrivals.

Competition prizes

Lady Luck has been very kind to me. I've managed to win quite a few bookish prizes. The first was this glorious book hamper from Jo Fletcher books.

The Emperor's Knife - Mazarkis Williams
The Glass Republic - Tom Pollock
Blood Therapy - Lynda Hilburn
Swords of Good Men - Snorri Kristjansson

The second prize was this stunning limited edition hardcover of Andy Weir's The Martian from the folks at Random House Struik. It's a signed edition which makes it extra special. If you haven't read this yet, you should definitely check it out. I loved it! (Read the review).

Books Purchased

I managed to make a rare pilgrimage to the only bookstore within a thousand miles of me (actually about 280 kilometers or so, but a thousand miles sounds way more impressive). It was a very rushed expedition and the shop is a nightmare to browse. Their prices are excellent but they have these stacks and stacks of books crammed on top of each other. You can't even see the spines so you have to literally dig through the stacks to find anything worthwhile.

I would have bought loads more books if I had had more time to search, but these lovely tomes came home with me.

Hawkmoon: The History of the Runestaff - Michael Moorcock
Hawkmoon: Count Brass - Michael Moorcock
Demi-Monde: Winter - Rod Rees
NOS4R2 - Joe Hill
Abaddon's Gate - James S.A. Corey

I already had NOS4R2 in ebook, but the physical copy had some extra illustrations and the cover was too creepy and gorgeous to refuse. I also picked up a physical copy of Abaddon's Gate. Now I'll have to try to find the rest of the series in paper too. The  distressed look of the Moorcock novels caught my eye. I've been meaning to read some Moorcock even though I'm not sure if it's a good place to start with his work, we'll see. The Demi-Monde: Winter was a bit of a desperation buy. I had to get one more title to qualify for a discount and it was the only other SF title I could quickly find. The shiny cover was just a huge bonus.

I have mixed feelings about online book sales. I love them for making books more affordable, but I hate that they result in me buying far more than I set out to. I really only wanted the Terry Pratchett hardcover, but since you had to buy 4 books to qualify for discount pricing I got all the other science fiction/fantasy books they had on offer. Of course, as luck would have it, most of those were later books in a series which means yet more books I'll have to track down. I'm quite chuffed about my first SF Masterworks title, but it might lead to yet another collection in the making.  So it goes.

A Blink of the Screen - Terry Pratchett
The Fractal Prince - Hannu Rajaniemi
By Schism Rent Asunder - David Weber
Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett (Another impulse buy to qualify for free shipping!)

I got Stephen King's On Writing at a later date. Hopefully it will help in crafting some better, more insightful reviews.

This absolutely stunning hardcover edition of Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! was a special treat. Ever since I first saw these Gollancz editions I wanted them. I just wish I could afford them all. With the horrible exchange rate they are extremely expensive over here. I might spoil myself with one or two more over Christmas.

For Review

And lastly I received some review copies from Jonathan Ball publishers:
Overbite - Meg Cabot
Into the Woods - Kim Harrison
The Grim Company - Luke Scull
The Tower Broken - Mazarkis Williams
Red Country - Joe Abercrombie
Red Moon - Benjamin Percy

I'm slowly working my way through these and all the other review copies still awaiting their time to shine.


Too many books, too little time.

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