Sunday, March 24, 2013

Neal Asher Answers Fan Questions

Not only does Neal Asher write some of the best high-octane science fiction, he is also one of the most approachable science fiction authors I've come across. He regularly interacts with his readers on Twitter and via his blog, The Skinner, and on a semi-regular basis he uploads Youtube videos where he attempts to answer questions from his fans.

This particular video contains quite a few questions from yours truly. The bookmarks he mentions can be found here and here. I designed layout of the bookmarks, but the artwork used is the stunning book cover art by Jon Sullivan. I can't draw to save my life!

Keep on waffling on Mr. Asher, we love it when you do!

You can find my reviews of his novels below:


  1. I have to comment that I should have been a bit more accurate about those book marks. The artwork of course was Jon Sullivan's while the design was yours!

    1. Good point! Have clarified that in the post too.


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