Friday, March 9, 2012

Cover Reveal: Zero Point

Neal Asher has just revealed the cover art and synopsis for Zero Point, the second book in the Owner trilogy, which will be released on the 2nd of August 2012.

As usual the cover art is by the fantastically talented Jon Sullivan who did all the covers for the revamped editions of Neal's other novels. You really have to check out the image of the full dust jacket to get a sense for the true scope of the cover scene.

The billions of Zero Asset citizens of Earth are free from their sectors, free from the prospect of extermination from orbit, for Alan Saul has all but annihilated the Committee by dropping the Argus satellite laser network on it. The shepherds, spiderguns and razorbirds are somnolent, govnet is down and Inspectorate HQs are smoking craters. But power abhors a vacuum and, scrambling from the ruins, comes Serene Galahad. She must act before the remnants of Committee power are overrun by the masses. And she has the means.

Var Delex knows that Earth will eventually reach out to Antares Base and, because of her position under Chairman Messina, knows that the warship the Alexander is still available. An even more immediate problem is Argus Station hurtling towards the red planet, with whomever, or whatever trashed Earth still aboard. Var must maintain her grip on power and find a way for them all to survive.

As he firmly establishes his rule, Alan Saul delves into the secrets of Argus Station: the results of ghastly experiments in Humanoid Unit Development, a madman who may hold the keys to interstellar flight and research that might unlock eternity. But the agents of Earth are still determined to exact their vengeance, and the killing is not over...
I really enjoyed The Departure, so I'm definitely adding this one to my wishlist. Based on the cover it looks like it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Be sure to check out my earlier interview with Neal Asher where he discusses the Owner trilogy, his writing and his views on ebooks.

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