Sunday, August 28, 2011

New arrivals II

This has been a great week as far as new arrivals goes. I think I had a new book arrive almost daily, which made a very stressful week much more bearable. There’s nothing quite as soothing as getting a brand new book in the mail. I got seventeen books (yes, 17!) in total, so this should count as an epic book haul.

First up are some secondhand books I ‘rescued’ (ordered) from Better World Books. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a copy of The Engineer Reconditioned by Neal Asher, a surprisingly expensive and difficult to obtain short story collection, which features the Owner stories. BWB had a copy going for $7 so I jumped at the chance. Of course I could just buy one book. The journey through the postal system would be far too lonely, so I added a couple more to keep it company.

The Engineer Reconditioned by Neal Asher
Coyote Rising by Allen Steele
Coyote Frontier by Allen Steele
Spindrift by Allen Steele
Galaxy Blues by Allen Steele
Coyote Horizon by Allen Steele
Venus by Ben Bova
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days by Alastair Reynolds

The Engineer Reconditioned turned out to be an ex-library copy, which came as a bit of a surprise since it wasn’t stated as such in the description. Luckily, aside from some stamps and stickers, it’s still in great condition.

I also got 6 books I ordered from The Book Depository. This time round the South African customs people were very mean to me and I had to pay handling fees for each book. One copy is still MIA, I’m hoping that it will arrive soon.

Orphaned Worlds by Micheal Cobley
The Gripping Hand by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Coyote Destiny by Allen Steele
Cosmopath by Eric Brown
Xenopath by Eric Brown
Mercury by Ben Bova

I've saved the best for last. I also received three gorgeous books for review. I can't wait to start!

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
Den of Thieves by David Chandler
Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Thanks to Claire and Andrea at Jonathan Ball for sending these to me!


  1. Great collection KJ! I really am miffed that customs seems to be giving you such grief with the Book Depository orders.

    I was planning on using BD for a few things, but I'm not sure if my patience or bank balance would survive.

    Robopocalypse looks like it will be a fun read.

    Happy reading!

    The Word Fiend

  2. Yeah, I was pretty miffed with all the extra charges. It's not too bad though, at the worst it made the prices equal to local stores.

    Robopocalypse is pretty good. I've read the first two chapters and I'm already hooked.

  3. I have seen Robopocalypse around the blogosphere and I can wait till I can find a copy! Will be watching for your review. :)