Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On My Shelf - A is for...

On My Shelf is a new monthly meme I'm trying to get off the ground. It’s all about sharing the books on your shelf in alphabetical order, according to author.

It’s a very chilled-out meme, so you can plan it in any way you like, and post at any time of the month, any number of times you like.

For July we’re tackling A & B.

Want to participate? Instructions can be found here. Time is running out for this month, so don't delay!

I've been a bit remiss in leaving this till almost the last minute and I have a huge amount of books from 'A' and 'B' authors. Today I'm tackling all the A's and hopefully I'll be able to get the B's done before the end of the month.

Joe Abercrombie

The only fantasy author in the list. Abercrombie was recommended by Neal Asher and at the time Amazon had some great deals on his entire body of work. I couldn't resist a bargain and got them all. Still have to read them though...

First Law:
The Blade Itself
Before They Are Hanged
Last Argument of Kings

Best Served Cold
The Heroes

Roger MacBride Allen

One of those authors someone recommended and which I haven't gotten to yet. Hopefully I'll read them sometime soon.

Hunted Earth
The Ring of Charon
The Shattered Sphere

Chronicles of Solace
The Depths of Time
The Ocean of Years
The Shores of Tomorrow

Kevin J. Anderson

Some people love Kevin J. Anderson and others hate him. I still have to read the Saga of Seven Suns. I bought these quite a while ago since the story sounded intriguing and the series just looks stunning on my shelf.

Saga of Seven Suns
Hidden Empire
A Forest of Stars
Horizon Storms
Scattered Suns
Of Fire and Night
Metal Swarm
The Ashes of Worlds

Neal Asher

I'm a HUGE Asher fan. He's one of those authors with the ability to hit the right spot time after time. If you are looking for an action-packed sci-fi read, then he's the author for you.

I loved his Cormac series and The Departure, the first in the Owner trilogy, is also excellent. I'm hoarding the rest of his novels and reading them sparingly. I can't imagine not having an Asher novel waiting to be read.

If you love stunning covers you definitely need to get the new editions of his novels with the Jon Sullivan covers. Absolutely beautiful!

Cormac Series:
The Line of Polity
Brass Man
Polity Agent
The Line War

The Skinner
The Voyage of the Sable Keech

Prador Moon
Shadow of the Scorpion
The Technician
The Gabble and Other Stories


The Departure (ARC)

Isaac Asimov

No science fiction collection can be complete without lots of Asimov. I was lucky enough to be given most of these when someone who "doesn't like sci-fi" cleared out their library. How they got there in the first place still baffles me, but I was overjoyed to get them.

I still need to read most of these, but I have finished Encounters, Nemesis and The Complete Robot. I've been meaning to start the Foundation series for ages now, but so far I haven't gotten round to it (blasphemy, I know!).

I, Robot
The Rest of the Robots
The Complete Robot

Prelude to Foundation
Forward the Foundation
Foundation and Empire
Second Foundation
Foundation's Edge
Foundation and Earth

Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage II
Isaac Asimov Presents Great Science Fiction #25

The Best Mysteries of Isaac Asimov
The Robots of Dawn

That's all I have on my shelf as far as A goes. What do you have on yours?


  1. KJ, I liked this idea and appended my A-B list on the end of my post "My own Works Cited list: 10 books that have inspired me" at my blog, Hope you would check it out. Personally, I'm a supernatural/horror writer, but my blog is more literary based. Look forward to see what else is "on your bookshelf."

    Paul D. Dail

  2. I'm sensing a genre pattern here... ;) This looks like a fun meme KJ - I may join you for August.

    The Word Fiend

  3. Here we go, finished my meme post today:

  4. Shelagh, what genre patter would that be? I thought my library was very well balanced! ;)
    You are more than welcome to join in next month. The more the merrier!

    Lu, thanks for joining in. I've added your post to the linky.