Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Even more new books!

Lately it seems that I've been buying more books than ever before, increasing my backlog of books waiting to be read into the next couple of years.  Still, that doesn't seem to prevent me from amassing even more!

First up is some books from The Book Depository.  I'm gearing up for a complete re-read of the Wheel of Time Series.  Now I only need books thirteen and fourteen and I'm all set to go.

The second batch are some secondhand books I ordered from Better World Books.  I'm reasonably happy with the condition of most of these books, but I still prefer to see the condition of the actual secondhand book before buying.  Their shipping time is also quite a bit longer, clocking in at about a month and a half before the package gets to South Africa.

Now I seriously need to get a bigger bookcase!

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