Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting creative...

Science fiction author Neal Asher asked fans to try their hand at designing some bookmarks using the new cover designs of his novels.  Having some idle time I decided to give it a go.  I'm not a graphic artist, but I think they turned out pretty well. 

Now if only I had a colour printer to see how they look in print...


  1. Oh cool, you're having a go too! I thought about it but then thought, nah,cant be bothered ;)
    Have you read much asher? I just finished one of his books (Gridlinked) and reviewed it on my blog.

  2. Awesome bookmarks Crusader :)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Larry, I've read "Prador Moon" a couple of years ago, but can't really remember much about it.

    I do know that I liked it so much that I've had Neal Asher on my "To Buy" list for ages. Just haven't gotten round to actually buying any more of his books aside from 'The Voyage of the Sable Keech' which has been waiting to be read for ages too!