Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Comet Lovejoy - 27 December 2011

I'm making the best use of the clear morning skies, the borrowed camera and the visibility of Comet Lovejoy while I still can. My sleeping patterns are now synched with the rise and set of Lovejoy so getting up at 02:40 is getting to be second nature.

For images I shot this morning I went with a vertical orientation to include as much of the surrounding constellations and Milky way as possible.

Unprocessed Images:

Canon 1000D, 18mm, ISO 1600, 30sec, F/3.5
Canon 1000D, 18mm, ISO 1600, 30sec, F/3.5
Canon 1000D, 18mm, ISO 800, 30sec, F/3.5

Stacked Images:

10 x ISO 1600 images stacked using DSS
10 x ISO 800 images stacked using DSS

Labeled Image:

Image with labels showing brightest NGC objects and stars


  1. Hi, Mulder. Nice pictures. I also photographed Lovejoy on 27 Dec, and the tail surprised me as too straight, compared o previous days. I searched the web and found your pictures of the same day, similar to mine. Something happened to the tail, or is an illusion given by the shape of the Milky Way behind? Cheers.

  2. Hi, Guillermo. Sorry for the late reply.

    If you check the animation I posted on the 28th you'll see that the tail has definitely straightened out, at least that's how it appears for me. On the 26th there's a slight curve at the end of the tail, which appears much straighter on the 27th.


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