Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Bookshelf!

Left: Glorious empty space there for the taking.  Right: 203 books later and still not full.

I got a new bookshelf as a birthday present.  Unfortunately it had to be specially made since I wanted an additional shelf added so it took about a week to be made and it finally arrived on Friday.  In comparison with my previous bookshelf, this one is gigantic!

It measures 2.2 m (height) x 1.2 m (width) with six shelves 31 cm in height and 30 cm deep.  The height of the shelves are somewhat of a waste when stacking paperbacks vertically, so after going back and forth between horizontal or vertical stacking I opted to go horizontal to make optimal use of the space.  It might not be the best for a quick grab-and-go read though, since it takes a bit of effort to get to the book you want.

I spent the better half of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to relocate my small collection to their new home.  I tried to keep things more or less in alphabetical order, but with horizontal stacking that's much more difficult than it seems.  The few hardbacks and odd sized paperbacks also threw a spanner into the works, so I had to settle for accommodating larger editions to the left regardless of their author.

The top two shelves are my science fiction collection and the rest is a mixture of fantasy and horror.  After moving all the books over I still had two empty shelves left, so I decided to temporarily house my astronomy collection there as well (second last shelf).

Since I now have more than enough space, especially when you include my old bookshelf  (now almost empty) it looks like there's lots of book shopping in my future.

For those of you interested in what's in my collection here are a few close-ups of the various shelves (except the last one which is currently empty).

The Science Fiction Section

Shelves 3- 5:  Fantasy & Horror and Astronomy


  1. Im jealous!
    YOur books all look really great in their new spot. I want a shelf too!!!!!


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